Gremlins VS. Furby – The monstrous sculptures of Santani

2012-01-17 // Artists Unusual

The Russian artist Santani makes sculptures of strange creatures, half way between Gremlins and Furbies… If you need a gift for scare your kids and fulfill their nightmares, I think these designs are a good start!

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  • natclaja

    je suis amoureuse de la 5ème sculpture !!! mais les autres sont superbes également !!!

  • Yaya

    Superbes ! Existe-il un site sur lequel nous pouvons les commander ?

  • Sdefrutos

    Elles sont bien chouettes. Si quelqu’un trouve si ces sculptures sont commercialisées et où je suis preneur aussi.

  • elizabeth scott

    I’m from the usa and I want one of these how do i get one I want the 5th guy on here that is white and his ears are to the side with little red dots on his fore head my number is 636-668-8311 or e-mail at thank you LIZ