History of Tattoos – The tattoos of the first British artist in 1889

I propose you to dive into the history of modern tattoo with the creations of Sutherland Macdonald, considered as the first British tattoo artist. After being introduced to the art of tattooing when he was part of the British army, Sutherland Macdonald opened a tattoo parlor in London in 1889, in the Victorian England! This new profession quickly becomes popular, so much so that the Post Office Directory must invent the title tattooist, to list it in its directories in 1894.

After working by hand for many years, Sutherland Macdonald invented and patented an electric tattoo machine, a real revolution. Among his clients are many personalities of the time, such as the sons of Queen Victoria, the King of Norway or the King of Denmark. Here is a selection of the creations of this tattoo pioneer!

Images © The National Archivessource

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