Snapchat – The virtual artwork of Jeff Koons has been virtually vandalized!

Someone has vandalized the virtual artwork of Jeff Koons! Created in collaboration with Snapchat to promote new features with augmented reality, this Balloon Dog virtually installed in Central Park in New York was covered with graffiti and tags, virtual as well. No doubt that this is the first virtual art piece to be virtually vandalized! An absolutely brilliant concept.

A performance that opens the way to virtual vandalism and to diversion of augmented reality! The New York collective Cross Lab and artist Sebastian Errazuriz created a vandalized version of Jeff Koons‘ sculpture, before geolocating it exactly in the same place. This action is a symbolic stance against imminent AR corporate invasion, and seeks to defend this new virtual territory represented by the AR. I just love it.

Images © Sebastian Errazuriz / Cross Labsource

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