Life Clock – This clock displays the number of seconds since your birth

2017-10-25 // art design popular

Life Clock is a clock displaying the number of seconds since your birth. It also displays a life bar inspired by video games, based on the average life expectancy in France! Thought like a celebration of life, showing that every moment that passes is one more second where you are alive, this object also suggests a countdown to death. A double facet that puts many people uncomfortable…

With a simple change of time scale, the Life Clock invites its user to become aware of the time that passes, but especially to take advantage of the present moment. A reflection on our ability to perceive time, and on our relationship to birth and death.

After the Political Lamp, triggering a storm for every tweet from Donald Trump, the Life Clock is a new project by Parse/Error, the identity behind which I create my experiments between art, design and technology. I also invite you to follow my work on Instagramand Behance, and you will find all my projects on my portfolio.

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