MoonPhase Lamp – This lamp displays the phases of the Moon in real time

Here is the MoonPhase Lamp, a connected lamp reproducing the Moon and displaying in real time its different phases without the possibility for the user to control its light. The MoonPhase Lamp uses the Internet to get real-time information about our natural satellite, and adapts its light according to its phases. Having no control button, this connected lamp leaves no choice to its user.

If the Moon is full, the lamp will be fully lit and the light will be powerful. In contrast, the MoonPhase Lamp will only show a dim light on the first crescent or a new moon. Only the visible side of the Moon has been modeled and then printed in 3D, thanks to HD photographs published by NASA.

The MoonPhase Lamp is an object that invites the observer once again to let go, while exploring our relationship with nature and our environment, faithfully reproducing a phenomenon on which man has no influence. A questioning on the cycles of nature, and on our ability to adapt to our environment, rather than adapting our environment to our needs.

The MoonPhase Lamp is a new personal project in line with the previous creations Earthquake Lamp and Political Lamp, created under the name Parse/Error. I also invite you to follow my work on Instagram and Behance, and you will find all my projects on my portfolio.

Images © Parse/Error

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