Mural Festival 2017 – All the walls of the street art festival of Montreal

2017-06-22 // art street art

Once again this year, the Mural Festival 2017 of Montreal brought together some world-renowned street artists to create gigantic murals across the city! For this new edition, the artist 1010 was in the spotlight, surrounded by talented street artists such as Ron English, INSA, Fintan Magee, Felipe Pantone, Ruben Sanchez, Smithe and so on. To be noted, the impressive performance of INSA and his animated mural, to be discovered below as a GIF.

The Mural Festival 2017 of Montreal has just closed, and I invite you to discover in pictures the works of the artists! I also invite you to watch the creations of the previous editions Mural Festival 2016 and Mural Festival 2015. You can also follow the Mural Festival on Instagram.

Ron English – image © Halopigg
Ron English – image © Julien Gagnon
Ron English – image © Justine Leroux
Ron English – image © Halopigg
1010 – image © Instagrafite
1010 – image © Enriqueta Arias
INSA – image © Daniel Weintraub
Fintan Magee
Dodo Ose – image © Halopigg
Monosourcil – image © Daniel Weintraub
Onur – image © Instagrafite
Onur – image © Halopigg
image © Julien Gagnon
Ricardo Cavolo – image © Julien Gagnon
Ricardo Cavolo – image © Davi Tohinnou
Mad C – image © Julien Gagnon
Mad C – image © Daniel Weintraub
Jason Wasserman – image © Instagrafite
Ruben Sanchez – image © Daniel Weintraub
Kevin Ledo – image © Daniel Weintraub
Scribe CSX – image © Halopigg
Miss Me x Aydin Matlabi – image © Daniel Weintraub
Mort – image © Gaspardnhms
SbuOne – image © Daniel Weintraub
Ola Volo – image © Halopigg

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