Paris City Ghost – Flying over the Chinese replica of Paris with a drone

2015-09-10 // art videos

Paris City Ghost is a fascinating video of artist Vincent Ceraudo, based in Paris, who invites us to fly over the amazing replica of the city of Paris built in China, more than 11 000 km away from the original. After accidentally discovered this immense architectural project, located in the suburb of Hanghzou, Vincent Ceraudo decided to make it the center of a surreal and contemplative video art piece. Paris City Ghost lets us fly with a drone over the almost deserted streets and alleys of this gigantic replica, bathed in a haze and pollution that further enhance the feeling of mystery. Designed to accommodate 10,000 people, this strange replica of Paris hosts only a few hundred people, making this architectural project a real modern ghost town… We discovered the work of artist Vincent Ceraudo at Art-O-Rama 2015.








Images © Vincent Ceraudo

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