This giant octopus will help create an artificial coral reef

2017-10-19 // art featured unusual popular

This amazing giant octopus sculpture will help create an artificial coral reef! This marine monster made of metal and wire mesh, and the old abandoned ship on which it is installed, have just been sunk off the British Virgin Islands to create a new coral ecosystem. This brilliant initiative, named BVI Art Reef, is born of a collaboration between the British photographer Owen Buggy, the art collective Secret Samurai Productions and the organizations Unite BVI, Maverick1000 and Beneath the Waves, who work for the preservation of the oceans. I just love it.

This is not the first time that art has met the preservation of marine life, and for example we have already talked about the underwater museums of the artist Jason DeCaires Taylor, entitled Ocean Atlas and Museo Atlantico.

Images © Owen Buggysource

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