Moments – simples memories from life

2010-08-24 // Short Films

Moments” is a simple and poetic short film directed by Everynone. No special effects here, just simple moments like thoose everyone keeps from life. Beautiful.

via doobybrain

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  • mlle mo

    waou y’a bcp de souvenirs “conso” là dis donc…
    On dirait UNE pub pour mastercard…
    “les souvenirs ne s’achètent pas, pour tout le reste, il y a mastercard”…
    enfin je trouve….

  • Jamie

    I was disappointed with this film. For me the speed of the editing, and the banal nature of some of the “moments” took away the poignancy of the touching scenes. I found it difficult to react and relate. It’s a shame I had high expectations.

    Just one letter different in title but a massive difference in effect watch Momentos it’s stunning:

  • Mc La Mane

    On dirait un peu une compile de stock film getty…