This tin can costs 1068€, but it is a luxury item from Tiffany

2017-11-08 // design

Yes, this simple tin can costs 1068€, but it is a luxury item. Made of silver and vermeil, this expensive tin can is part of the Everyday Objects collection designed by Tiffany & Co, which decided to turn everyday objects into luxury items. On the menu: a fancy straw for 265€, a cardboard cup for 610€, a graduated ruler for 480€ or 10 LEGO bricks for 1290€. The highlight of the collection? A ball of yarn made of silver wool sold for 7735€.

With the Everyday Objects collection, the famous jewelers Tiffany & Co want to transforms utilitarian items into handcrafted works of art. If the concept is not new, it once again question of the limits of luxury, good taste, and decency…

Images © Tiffany & Cosource

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