Space Glass – A glass designed to sip your whisky peacefully in space

2015-09-11 // design

The Space Glass is a beautiful glass designed to peacefully sip your whisky in space. Designed by Ballantine in collaboration with James Parr, founder of the Open Space Agency, this glass with an amazing design combines a plastic dome and components in pink gold, all created with 3D printers, which allow drinking the precious whisky without letting the liquid escape. The bottom of the glass is also equipped with a powerful magnet for fixing the glass to a metal support, so that it does not float endlessly in your space shuttle, and with a valve to fill the glass from underneath. When will we have a drink on board of the International Space Station?



ballantine-space-glass-1 ballantine-space-glass-4 ballantine-space-glass-3 ballantine-space-glass-5 ballantine-space-glass-6

Images © Ballantine

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