Comparing Fast Food and Burgers Advertising with reality

2012-01-20 // Food Unusual Top posts

Everyone has already made the remark: “Why are burgers at McDonald’s or Burger King always looking much bigger in the pictures?”. Dario D’s decided to measure and organize various comparisons between advertising and reality for Hamburgers and Burgers from Fast Food chains… (note that the Big Tasty is one of the only to succeed the test …)

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  • Jabba

    (8^(|) DOH!!!!

  • greedoe

    i knew there was a reason I didn’t eat fast food. I actually feel ill just looking at those photos.

  • Fadingxstories

    In n out looks just like the pictures. That is why they are the best.

  • Reality Check

    I think the fact that the burgers don’t actually look the way they do in the advertisements is common knowledge at this point. It is wrong when a company uses false advertising to promote their product, but it is equally wrong to prove this by using false information to sway the populace into taking your side. Half of the “real” burgers used here look far worse than what you would get from the fast food restaurants on average. I mean just look at the whopper you chose to show here for an example. It doesn’t look like something they would hand to you in the restaurant, it looks like something you left in your backseat for a week and accidentally sat on a few times. This is not to say that they never look the way you’ve portrayed them, but generally the quality will be somewhere in between the two representations. You are no better than the companies that have lied to the public because you in turn have done the exact same thing.

  • Anthony Del Signore

    It makes me not want to eat at any of these places anymore…

  • Just Me

    Have you ever tried “fluffing” a burger?

  • TheMan

    Umm, no… I think he nailed it.  Mind you, I haven’t eaten at any of these places in probably 7+ years ’cause, well, the fact that they’re absolute toxic to your health is now… “common knowledge”.

  • Coincidentally…

    I literally started reading this and then a commercial for a whopper paired with Burger King’s new style french fries came on.

  • Ttjeepsale

    I just went to Burger King the other day.  The Whopper looked exactly like the ones above in the “actual burger” pics.  I threw it right in the trash.

  • The King

    You think they LOOK bad…. Check out the kitchen folks…

    Would you like a side of mouse dropppings with that? How about some floor spice? It makes everything nice….

  • Noname

    I heard someone who worked at a fast food restaurant joking on how a fly landed on a hamburger patty and they use a fly swatter to kill it right on the patty and then used it to make a burger and served it to a customer.

  • Lawrence

    You are right. The average presentation of these burgers is not as bad as the ones depicted here, and experiences will vary. It would also be virtually impossible to reproduce the model image of each burger, given the fact that the mock-up burgers are probably not even real food products (i.e. constructed out of inedible materials). Those advertised sandwiches defy gravity. I worked at a BK when I was a teenager, and there was no way to make a single whopper with standard ingredients that tall.

  • Syletoli

    Bouffe de merde, publicité de merde….. Mangez du bon !

  • leonid saykin

    LOL, so true, advertisements are fake, who are they trying to fool

  • The Truth hurts

    The reason they look so good it’s because it’s plastic. Well detailed

  • JGo555

    The tacos REALLY look like they stole your money.