The Wines of Gala – The surrealist wine guide of Salvador Dali!

With The Wines of Gala by Salvador Dali, the Taschen editions revive the surrealist wine guide of the famous artist! After Les Diners de Gala, Salvador Dali’s surrealist cookbook, this book first published in 1978 reveals Salvador Dali‘s passion for wine, with a mixture of texts, photos, paintings and illustrations from the universe of the artist. The book The Wines of Gala by Salvador Dali (296 pages) is available from Taschen.

The surrealist master shares his passion for the nectar of the gods. The book revisits the many myths related to wine through texts and works of the artist as sensual as subversive, and remains true to this maxim: A true connoisseur does not drink wine, it tastes its secrets.