These clever kits allow you to create your own zeotropes

2017-11-09 // diy gadget

You necessarily know zeotropes, these circular animations using strobe light to come to life. Today the company 4-Mation unveils a series of 3 kits allowing you to create your own 3D zeotropes! Called 4-Mation Machines, these modular kits consist of a rotating circular base, a support and a LED-based strobe light, but also a smartphone application to control the whole. You will be able to use your imagination to give life to your 3D sculptures!

The 4-Mation kits should be presented next month on Kickstarter. And if you like zeotropes, I highly recommend you the fascinating animated sculptures of artist John Edmark, with Blooms and Blooms 2, or the amazing short film in zeotrope Re÷Belief.

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