BEST OF UFUNK 2012 ! – 61 posts that you liked in 2012

2012 is over! I’ll spare you all the crap that goes with it, but I still want to thank you all, dear readers, friends or strangers, who regularly browse pages from UFUNK and share with your friends! You were this year almost 7 million visitors, and you visit more than 22 million pages! Let me tell you that I have the pressure to still offer you in 2013 the best of my daily expeditions deep in the net… I tell you once again: THANK YOU.

To finish the year in style, here is the BEST OF UFUNK 2012! A selection of more than 60 of the most popular pages of 2012. And the selection was tough among the more than 2,000 articles published this year! Street Art, gadgets, illustrations, WTF, design, artist, humor, photography, I hope you will enjoy it! And of course: Happy new year 2013 everybody! \o/

Batman, Eye of Sauron – 24 geeky lenses

28 awesome and funny illustrations by Ben6835

Bent Objects – 30 pictures of the Secret Life of Objects

A makeup tutorial gone wrong…

Mine Kafon – Fight against landmines by wind and design

Game of Thrones – Behind the special effects

101 ways to open a beer bottle

Dragon Baby – A Kung Fu baby like a little Bruce Lee!

ETAM CRU – Giant Street Art seen by SAINER and BEZT

Sight – A futuristic vision of Augmented Reality ?

Birth to 12 years – Watching his daughter grow up in time-lapse

You are not Banksy – When a photographer reproduces the works of Banksy for real

Broken Heroes – When heroes end badly, knitted sculptures by Patricia Waller

The strange organic sculptures by Cao Hui

The worst baby names of 2012!

The world’s first 3D Photo Booth is Japanese and can prints miniature version of you! – Omote 3D Shashin Can

Laser Bread – 27 twisted creations by Brock Davis

33 excellent photographs of LEGO by Powerpig

Chalk Street Art – 29 adorable creations by David Zinn!

Best Slow motion Ever – Stupidity captured at 2500 Frames per second

Body Painting Illusions – New creations by Chooo-San and The strange surrealist body-paintings of Japanese artist Chooo-San

Street Art and Road Signs – Clet Abraham

Barbie goes apeshit – Trashy Photos by Mariel Clayton

What if Darth Vader was a good father ? – 12 illustrations from Darth Vader and Son

Abandoned school in Detroit – Then and Now, 31 Photographs from the past meet the present

Disney Princesses Tattoos – 16 new awesome illustrations by Telegrafixs

EPIC Bus – Denmark know how to promote public transport

When Four Sisters Recreate Their Childhood Photos

Fresh Love – Making love in plastic, a project by Photographer Hal

An amazing Stop Motion video created with 873 pictures found on the Internet

Grandmother Tips vol.2 – More Grandmother Tips about Internet and Social Networks

Hara Kiri – 17 trashy and WTF french covers from the 60s

7 excellent and clever posters against Illiteracy

The beautiful Japanese manhole covers

Street Art – 23 hijacked road signs by Jinks Kunst

30 beautiful Tattoos by Jun Cha – Between Ancient Greece and Renaissance

49 color photographs of Paris under occupation 1940-1944

39 ultra-geeky Nails ! – Batman, Dr Who, Pokemon, Alien…

McDonald’s menu still intact after 979 days…

Light and Shadow – 18 amazing light sculptures by artist Kumi Yamashita

Lincoln, Einstein, Hitchcock, Darwin – 17 famous black and white photographs colorized

21 stunning macro photographs of snowflakes

When the Stars go crazy – 30 creative photographs by Martin Schoeller

Real Toy Story – Daily life in Chinese toy factories, the hidden face of Christmas

A book that disappears if you do not read it fast enough

Pimp My Disney – The twisted Pop Surrealist universe of Odö aka Nicolas Le Borgne

Pop Icon Anatomy – 37 sculptures dissected by Freeny

21 awesome new advertisements to love science

Blow Job – 23 new explosive portraits by Tadao Cern

Make your Daughter sleep with The Prodigy as a lullaby ?

45 amazing photographs from the National Geographic’s Photography Contest 2012

Genetic Portraits, part II – Photos and genetic similarities

World’s Best Father – A creative Dad plays with daughter

The burlesque transvestites before and after makeup by photographer Leland Bobbé

Zombies Disney Princesses – And 19 other beautiful illustrations Witit Karpkraikaew

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