DIRO the Bear – This connected robot wants to become a new friend for your kids

2015-10-19 // gadget tech

Here is DIRO the Bear, a connected toy that wants to become a new friend for your children. As a true animatronic robot, DIRO is able to listen, to speak, to move, but especially to send information on the parents’ smartphone and to receive remote instructions. Parents will thus be able to ask the connected bear to wake up their kids, to tell them a story or to tell them at what time they will arrive at home. In exchange, parents will receive notifications from DIRO on their smartphones regarding the activity of their children, but they will also be able to spy on the babysitter or even to listen to the little secrets that will be entrusted to the bear. Technologically highly innovative, you can already imagine the dangerous excesses of these connected toys for children…








Images © DIRO the Bear

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