GameShell – A clever kit to build your own portable retro console

Here is GameShell, a kit to build your own portable retro console, compatible with the emulators of many consoles! With the re-release trend of vintage consoles such as the NES Mini, the SNES Mini or the Sega Classic Game Console, the GameShell console is a great alternative for all the retro gaming lovers by offering an open source environment based on Retro Arch.

With its look inspired by the famous GameBoy, the GameShell has a Linux system that allows you to enjoy many emulators, and therefore thousands of games, but also to create your own games and mods. This retro console is also easy to build thanks to a modular system, and you can install the games of the NES, Megadrive, SNES, Master System, Neo Geo and so on. An awesome project currently being funded on Kickstarter!

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