Hoverboard in action – The truth about the flying skateboard by Lexus

The SLIDE project, which was unveiling last June a real Hoverboard designed by Lexus, is back today with a video demonstration in a skatepark built especially for the occasion, and unfortunately as was to be expected, we are very far from the futuristic gadget from Back to the Future! If the skatepark was custom made, it’s because this hoverboard is using superconductivity with magnets and liquid nitrogen to fly above a metal plate, like all other prototypes already seen. Even if this one has an awesome design.

For simplicity, it flies above a rail hidden in the ground, and it is not possible to ride separated from the rail! It should also be noted that apart from the beautiful footage for the video, the use of this flying skateboard is more than approximate, akin to walking on a tightrope. Also this hoverboard prototype is estimated at $10,000, not including the cost of the metal rail. A beautiful communication operation from Lexus, but that remains far from a marketable object, or even usable. So do not expect to wander in the streets hooked to the back of a futuristic car soon… But we are slowly approaching this dream !












Images © Lexus / source

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