Japan – When Fake Food becomes fashion accessory!

Anyone who knows anything about Japan have to know the “fake food“, these lifelike plastic and resin dishes used in front of restaurants to give an overview of what will be served inside. Another phenomenon that is known is to use small cute accessories like candy, ice cream or donuts to hang everywhere, starting with mobile phone. Japanese manufacturer Fake Food Hatanaka had the idea to combine the two to create a line of fashion accessories, strange and twisted! From the Fries/Ketchup hairclip to the Pizza bread necklace through the Cheeseburger pendant, the bacon & eggs headbands or even spaghetti bolognaise earrings and necklace sausages, here is some ultra-realistic and WTF Japanese gadgets to turn Fake Food / Fast Food into fashion accessory!

Fake Food Hatanaka / via

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