Polaroid Originals – The Polaroid brand is officially back!

2017-09-14 // gadget photography

The Polaroid brand is officially back! Re-launched today under the name Polaroid Originals, this iconic brand unveils a new instant camera, the OneStep 2, and new instant films, the i-Type. Great news for all the fans!

After suffering bankruptcy in 2001 and stopping the production of instant films in 2008, Polaroid sold its last factory to The Impossible Project, which wanted to continue producing the instant films. Since then, The Impossible Project has managed to buy the Polaroid brand and the intellectual property of its products, allowing it to officially resurrect the Polaroid instant cameras!

The OneStep 2 takes the classic features of the instant camera, offering an ultra-simple camera. On the menu, a battery with a 60 days life, rechargeable via USB, a flash, a timer and a good quality lens. The OneStep 2 is compatible with the new i-Type instant films, but also with the Polaroid 600 and The Impossible Project 600 films.

Images © Polaroid Originalssource

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