Scribble Pen – The connected pen that can scan and reproduce every color is back

2015-11-03 // design gadget tech

Choosing a color in reality and using it immediately to draw? It is now possible with the Scribble Pen, an amazing connected pen that is able to scan and reproduce every color! If we had already talked about gadgets capable of scanning colors, the Scribble Pen goes further by offering you to scan the color of an object, a plant or even your skin and to draw with it directly thanks to an a integrated ink mixer.



Too good to be true? Maybe. In fact the most perspicacious among you will recall that the Scribble Pen appeared two years ago on Kickstarter, literally unleashing the crowds. But the project had to be removed, because the crowdfunding platform estimated that it was unrealistic and the creators of the gadget weren’t able to provide sufficient evidence of its feasibility. But today the Scribble Pen is back with a new design, new pictures, a beautiful video and a new website. Did the developers managed to create their revolutionary gadget?


The Scribble Pen combines an RGB scanner and a rechargeable cartridge capable of reproducing the selected color by mixing colored inks. This pen connected with Bluetooth is also able to keep track of your favorite colors and send them to applications such as Photoshop or CorelDRAW for later use. With its interchangeable tips, it is also possible to change the size, or even use the Scribble Pen directly on a tablet. And for that matter, this gadget can also help to combine the colors of your clothes, your makeup or your interior. This gadget should be launched in 2016, but is already available for pre-order for $249. Revolutionary gadget or simple scam, I am very curious to see the result! But if I were you, I would actually wait to see it in action before considering buying it…








Images © Scribble

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