SprayPrinter – This gadget will turn spray paint cans into a mural printer

2015-11-04 // gadget tech

The SprayPrinter is an amazing connected gadget designed to turn spray paint cans into a mural printer! You will just have to choose a creation on you smartphone, and then to attach the SprayPrinter to a normal spray paint can to automatically recreate the image on your wall, color by color. This gadget is able to automatically control the paint jets depending on the selected image, allowing everyone to decorate their walls with the most complex creations using a point-by-point technique. It will of course be possible to upload and share creations from other artists to recreate them at home. I’m really curious to see the result of such gadget! The SprayPrinter is currently only a prototype, but a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo is expected shortly. To be continued !

I would be curious to see the final version of such a gadget. Because even if I think that this is a really great concept, I have big doubts about the ease of use and the real result. To be continued !










Images © SprayPrinter / source

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