[Review] The Whisky Advent Calendar for Whisky lovers!

We had already talked about it last year, but this year we have it in our hands! Here is our review of the Whisky Advent Calendar, the Advent Calendar for whisky fans! Indeed, this advent calendar offers to discover each day of December a small 3cl bottle containing a different whisky…


This “Whisky Advent Calendar” works on the principle of the traditional Advent calendars with a cardboard box pierced with 24 small windows, corresponding to the days before Christmas. But of course what interests us here are the 24 small bottles of whisky it contains! Once the cardboard box dissected, this whisky calendar reveals 24 small glass bottles with labels in beautiful old-fashioned paper. Sealed with red wax, each bottle contains a different whisky, and I must say that the selection has some beautiful names of Scottish, Japanese, American and even Swedish whiskies: Chivas Regal 18 Year Old, Bowmore 15 Year Old, Yamazaki 12 Year Old or Glenfarclas 40 Year Old!

With a beautiful selection of 24 famous and very different whiskies, and some really pretty bottles, this whisky advent calendar is a nice gadget for whisky lovers before Christmas, but also a great gift idea if you want to discover 24 different whiskies and try your hand at tasting… The “Whisky Advent Calendar” is sold around 179 €, which is quite expensive, but reasonable compared to what it contains and other existing tasting box… More informations on Maverick Drinks.










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