Eizo Pin-up Calendar 2010 – more than integral nude

The “Eizo: Pin-up Calendar 2010” is really particular. This pin-up calendar offers you more than the usual integral nude : X-ray girls literally ! ;) Eizo is a brand of medical supplies and their campaign is awesome !

(click to enlarge)

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  • http://www.forev-art.com Forev’Art

    Ah, c’est sur que là, ca donne une autre image des pin-up…

  • Tony

    She looks completely healthy.

  • Bob

    So, how would someone get their hands on one of these??

  • alexandre


  • Joel



  • j

    the girl looks fat.

  • http://www.carmody.fr Pierre

    Bon quand même, ça ne vaut pas “Bonjour Madame” !

    Mais j’avoue que je suis tombé dedans à pieds joints ! :p

  • http://netzfx.de Oliver

    wow … looks great ;)

  • letizia

    c’est très sympa mais un peu déjà vu!! Wim Delvoye en a fait des magnifiques un peu plus hard!

  • ooz
  • http://www.ufunk.net ufunk

    ooz > Nice !

  • patty

    How were those images taken? definitely not with a standard hospital CT or diagnostic X-ray….

  • http://www.whatthechrist.com Mr. Pink

    Very cool concept. Posting this on whatthechrist shortly!

  • fish

    that owns bones

  • Cerys

    Si, si belle!

  • http://Yahoo.com George

    Thanks for the look at the X-Ray calendar I would like to have one please

  • jes

    so yeah, how would i get my grubby lil hands on this? it’s like my two loves of skeletal systems and alluring pinups have crashed together in heaven, much like the first reese’s peanut butter cup i would imagine…

  • Joe

    @Bob: Buy her a drink?

  • shahab

    thanks. it was funny and intresting.

  • sandro ruotolo

    isn’t there the normal versione? they look wonderful tits!!!

  • walker

    We need one of these for the ladies – maybe of some nice firemen? With their hoses?

  • http://proof-proofpositive.blogspot.com/ proof

    I can see right through what those girls are up to!

  • daun


  • daun


  • photoshop

    full body x-ray? how? wide depth of field? how? fakes.

  • klarrita
  • JB

    Delirium tremens or Anorexia nervosa ?? Excellent idea in any case!

  • Tony Clifton

    wow,I just popped a Roentgen!

  • http://basscadet.fi/ Risto Mäki-Petäys

    patty: I believe they are completely cgi. You can buy some pretty good skeleton models, prolly some with a little flesh on top. Pick some existing pin-up pose photos, superimpose layout on top of them and adjust until you’re there. And tune the textures to be transparent, translucent and properly illuminated of course.

  • http://www.persico-galerie-peinture.com alain pierre

    cela fait un peu penser à Plus qu’aà poil” spectacle de Mikael Young

  • Bart van Herk

    I don’t believe these are x-rays of a living person – the anatomy of the joints is wrong.

  • http://lazycatsrecords.com/ Rob Wallace

    Like x-ray music to my ears

  • Bingo

    x-rayted indeed.

    Yes, I went there.

  • ds0df

    I can imagine the casting process. So have you ever broke a bone? How much calcium do you get in your diet? Are you double jointed?

    I love the idea though – pity that radiation is so harmful and all but yeah it gets a laugh. I’d buy one and one or two as gifts if they sold em.

  • http://formulacariuang.com Cari Uang

    great perspective

  • Renzosiegrist

    yeah, they are all digitally produced and not from human x-rays….

  • Kristina

    do you guys know what program they might have used to get the x-ray effect? (:

  • Anonymous

    Photoshop ;)