Drugs explained with animated GIFs by Alice in Wonderland

2010-11-30 // Fun

Some funny animated GIFs explaining drugs effects, thanks to Alice in Wonderland characters… ;)


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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Giancarlo-Colameo/100000344254768 Giancarlo Colameo


  • clarice

    hemp is missing, man

  • http://twitter.com/pinkpackrat Roberta Kyle

    very cool– you’ve got nicotime, how about alcohol and weed?

  • http://twitter.com/ederzhon eder guzman

    drugs! in wonderland!

  • Madelaine Frechette

    hemp? lol

  • http://weirdben.blogspot.com/ Sneblot

    This is amusing. But I do believe its missing some.

  • Buddhaloves

    The Caterpillars totally smoking opium LACED bowls of the ganja green, actual opium smoke actually isnt too cloudy

  • Mayyri

    Man, i have been in your blog for as long as ten minutes and everything that ive seen is just cool!
    Nice job, congrats, keep posting such good stuff, thanks

  • Jon


  • torrentblock

    that’s because hemp is a shit drug.

  • Auroracub

    Lol the dormouse is so high on weed

  • Phetis21

    speed is street name for meth dumbass

  • Chrimson

    Too bad Alice In Wonderland isn’t about an acid trip at all…
    it’s the world’s biggest misconception of a book.

  • Bluelulubelle

    Speed is amphetamine meth is methamphetamine two different drugs dumbass!!

  • Holly

    You are not good at gifs.

  • Anonymous

    You are not good at comments ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-van-H/100000679041288 Mark van H

    Its not that big a misconception. There are some people who think this, but its definitely not a common misconception.

  • Wdccollett

    hemp is not a drug you morons. it is the male cannabis plant. not the delicious female one (the so called ‘drug’)

  • Cuteasakat

    No that’s Lord of the rings :)

  • Ronnie

    it may not be ‘about’ an acid trip. but lewis carrol did do a shitload of drugs. including opium laced absinth.

  • http://twitter.com/coen22 coen


  • http://twitter.com/NickWasHere09 Nick L.

    It may not strictly be ABOUT an acid trip, but it might as well be.
    We could sit here all day and discuss what the fuck was going on in Carrol’s head…

  • Powerpufflaus

    hey if you listen to La Cancion de Linyera by Paté de Fuá while you look at these pictures it comes together quite nicely

  • Jj

    mushroom ca fait mal au yeux

  • Bigsmileonmyface

    its not about drugs its about math…..seriously…

  • http://twitter.com/carloslidon Carlos Lidón

    So great!

  • http://twitter.com/HECTOR_BAMBINI HECTOR Martin Ferrer

    bastante guapo

  • Pasolini

    I don’t want to upset with my comment but lsd was DISCOVERED by chemical synth in 40’s but it was present in natural form (LSA, lisergic acid) in many plants like Morning Glory or Hawaian Baby Woodrose.Regards from Spain!

  • Youredum

    Crystal meth = speed

    you’re an idiot

  • exuser

    meth is speed. meth, as depicted in the gif, makes you eat a lot? well thats completely false. Im a recovering meth and heroin addict and i can tell you that you have it all wrong. have you ever done a single one of these drugs? besides maybe eating some portobellos you got ripped off on? I cannot stand drug humor. like this is just the dumbest, simplest form of humor and its not funny, nor in this case is it even accurate. since when does ecstasy make it snow sparkles? and since when does crystal meth or mushrooms make you eat fast? this here, people, is what you get when teenagers experiment with weed, think theyre cool, and then try to adapt their entire lifestyles into the drug culture. you dumb motherfuckers, keep this up and youll end up like me, injecting narcotics at seventeen, overdosing every week, watching four of your friends die over six months.

    arent drugs just so much fun?

  • Pepi_santa

     This is a joke man

  • http://www.facebook.com/juni.rulez Juni Franqui

    Do people still think Alice is based off of drug use?

  • Dwhutto

    Doesn’t make you any better at gifs. 

  • monikat

    It’s not meant to be realistic. The whole meth one was implying your so fucking wacked out you’d eat a plate (again, exaggeration) but you get the idea. And for the mdma one, dude, have you ever even done it? There may as well be sparkles falling all around you. 

    I’m not promoting drug use or nothin, but to those who have, you understand those gifs to some extent. Everyone’s got a different perception. 

    but that’s just my two cents, 
    you shouldn’t take everything so literal and tell people your life story via internet over some alice in wonderland gifs. 

  • Akjkass143

    Crystal Meth doesn’t make you eat sweetie.  The thought of food while on meth makes you want to hurl…

  • jesse t

    your wrong on that too, hemp is not the male cannabis plant, it is in the cannabis family, but it is still not cannabis at all

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/?????-??????/1260081484 ????? ??????

    He’s eating a plate. I think he’s saying that meth makes you do crazy shit.

  • Smallish

    I don’t want to upset with MY comment but in Hawaian Baby Woodrose isn’t LSD, it is LSA which isn’t the same at all. It is less visual – you do have CEV’s (closed eye visuals) maybe even some small hallucinations, but never so intense like the usual LSD Trip.
    The same goes with morning glory. Of course the effect is different from person to person, but if a person has a crazy hallucination because of LSA, LSD will be even stronger.
    Also the discoverer was a doc. called:” Albert Hoffman ” from switzerland. He died with 102 years old.

    Kind regards from Switzerland

  • Ben

    He made the statement that the precursor, LSA, was what was known before the synthesis of LSD.