Obese Disney Princesses

Obese Disney Princesses, created by Aly from Creepy Miranda. Awesome !

via buzzfeed

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  • Superkocker

    C’est de toute beauté…

  • Todd

    Why are they all unhappy? That alone takes away the Disneyesque-ness of the image. Disney characters may look angry, pensive, scared, shocked, etc… but they NEVER look generally unhappy. In fact, usually, they have an idiotic smile on their faces. I’d call this a near-miss.

  • Homer

    Meh. So basically these pictures are of the average American women if they were princesses.

  • http://www.thepadrino.com/ The Padrino

    Must have eaten alot of french frys lol

  • Guest_Nyra


  • R.

    Where’s Ariel? And Aurora? And Tiana?

  • anon

    As a fat admirer and Disney fan, I find the idea enthralling, even if it wasn’t pulled off well at all.

  • Whuffodee


  • http://www.terbelog.com/ Terbelog