BARTKIRA – When Simpsons meet AKIRA!

BARTKIRA, or when the Simpsons universe meets the AKIRA universe! An excellent mashup project that mixes the cult series of Matt Groening with the cult manga by Katsuhiro Otomo! The project was initiated by the illustrators James Harvey and Ryan Humphrey and aims to recreate the six volumes of AKIRA with Simpsons characters… Many illustrators have taken part in the BARTKIRA project, as Cameron StewartMartyn JasinskiClaire Sullivan or Count Pagan. Each illustrator must create 5 pages, for a total of 768 illustrators, who have already all joined the project! The characters have already been distributed, and we will get Bart in the role of Kaneda, Milhouse as Tetsuo, and Ralph Wiggum in the role of Akira! A project to follow! “Bring us your finest food stuffed with the second finest. Good choice sir, that’s lobster stuffed with tacos!”


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