The Sexy Girls of SquirrelShaver – 11 Illustrations by Mike DeBalfo

2011-01-08 // Illustration Top posts

Some beautiful sexy girls illustrations created by illustrator Mike DeBalfo aka SquirrelShaver. A strong comics style and some references to Alice in Wonderland or Grimm Fairy Tales

Thx to @McLaMane !

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  • Superkocker

    Ah, voilà comment attirer la clientèle ! ^^

  • captain-ash

    superbe dessin,les courbes féminines sont très joliement mises en valeur.

  • Anonymous

    I had fun with him because I tried to push a field that I have not touched base in a long time. Especially with a design of two characters. Calie face and hands showed the greatest challenge, but with the strong and direct access Outlook.

  • geekcommunicant

    Préférence nette pour la brune à lunette. Sinon, j’aime bien aussi “Poker aux portes du Paradis”.

  • Falaba63


  • emmanuel chevallier

    Et voilà la dernière en date :
    J’ai l’impression que cet article a bien marché en tout cas.

  • S.

    Just another unimaginative artist wasting his talent on soft-core porn. This is just jerk-off ‘art’ for nerdy teenage boys. Why not spend the time on something that actually improves the world? Anybody could think this up. It’s just not art.

  • boris

    mouais… Bof…

  • boris

    mouais… Bof…

  • Mcohen1232001

    How can an illustrator’s work actually “improve” the world…? Draw a machine that forces cars to run on hydrogen? If you really boil it down illustrators make a living off of expensive paper, brushes made of horse hair and use paint thinners made up of toxic chemicals that are usually pored down a sink drain once no longer useful. So really all they do is harm the world by cutting down lots of trees, hurting animals and polluting our water.

  • maamo

    j’en veux une !

  • Leigh

    They all have the same face. High technical skills, low creativity.

  • artist

    wow. you must really hate artists

  • Troy Hudson

    Anyone who nasty comments can go phuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike DeBalfo is awesome

  • Troy Hudson

    Anyone who nasty comments can go phuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike DeBalfo is awesome 

  • Bakeca Incontri Milano

    I think S. is jealous because he can’t draw like this. The drawings are really awesome. I don’t consider them porn

  • think…

    Maybe before you go and criticize artists and say that all they do is harm the environment, you should think about who is helping create all the items that you use in your everyday life. With out creative people in this world we would not have the products, items or images that you love and use every day. You might not think twice before you use your toothbrush in the morning or go for a ride in your car, but I bet there were many artists and designers that put hours upon hours of brainstorming, drawings and prototypes built to make the object perfect and useable to the consumer. Art is more then drawing a pretty picture and wasting “expensive paper.” With out art and creative people in this world, it would be very boring.