Disney princess as sexy comic girls

2010-04-23 // Illustration

Discover the Disney princess drawn as sexy comic girls by J.Scott Campbell (“Danger Girl“)


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  • http://www.ufunk.net ufunk

    Merci pour l’article Mr Azoé ! ça déboite, j’adore.

  • http://blog.nickolabs.com/ Nickolas

    J’ai toujours été Fan de J. Scott Campbell (J’ai les BD de Danger Girl; J’ai même eu le jeu PSone Danger Girl!) et j’avouerai un truc: ce ne sont pas ces beautés qui me décourageront d’apprécier son art!

    Merci pour le sharing!

  • Luly

    Hi! I like SO much your drawings, girls are sexy but not vulgar, I appreciate them very very much! If I give you a pic of mine (a normal one, not dressed like the girls above ;) ) could you make a little draw of it? maybe like the one above? I’d like it so much! It would be funny. Please, let me know!

  • http://www.ufunk.net ufunk

    I’m sorry but you have to contact J.Scott Campbell ;)

  • Hisoka

    Quelqu’un sait ou on peut acheter des tirages de ces dessins en grand format?

  • Jordan

    I have to say this because it’s driving me nuts…there is something very wrong about the Maleficent picture. Maleficent is the witch from Sleeping Beauty, and while she does have the horns and is often depicted with a raven, SHE DOES NOT HAVE A MAGIC MIRROR. The magic mirror on the wall is from Snow White, and the witch queen in Snow White and Maleficent are not the same character. While the art is undeniably beautiful, that just really bothers me that the fairy tales are not depicted correctly in that one picture…

  • Paul Schinider

    This is quite Sexy Disney Princes like our princess they have sexy butts Kate Middleton Sexy Butts

  • cleolani

    That’s not Maleficent in the picture, that is the evil queen. She’s even wearing her crown and a cape, Maleficent doesn’t have those. The skull candle is even there, it’s clearly not Maleficent.