Street harassment – She denounces her catcallers by taking selfies with them

Tired of street harassment and catcalling, young student Noa Jansma decided to denounce her catcallers by taking selfies with them. Throughout the month of August, this Amsterdam-based student fed the dearcatcallers Instagram account, accompanying the pictures of the creeps with their words. Noa explains that she was not able to take pictures every time she got catcalled, sometimes not feeling safe enough. She also explains that if these men do not refuse the selfie, it is because they do not feel like doing something wrong.

She has now completed this experiment, still visible on Instagram, and now wantss to transmit the Instagram account to other girls, in other cities, to continue the experiment. Also, in the Netherlands, street harassment will be punished with a 190€ fine starting January 1st, 2018!

Images © Noa Jansma

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