She creates antisexist guides to help children assuming themselves

2017-09-28 // diy unusual

Antisexist self-defense guides to help children assuming themselves? It’s the brilliant idea of the French blogger Maman, rodarde !, who created a series of visual guides so that little girls and little boys can be and love what they want, without being bullied. Each guide responds to a question with pictures, deconstructing the ideas and stereotypes, and helping children to respond to the criticisms from other children, but also adults!

Can boys wear varnish? Can girls love girls? Can boys wear dresses or make-up? Can girls love football? From the most simple question to the most difficult one, these guides cover topics as varied as jewelry, clothes, long hair, pink color, glitter, homosexuality, bisexuality, penises, tears , flowers or dance.

Parents can print these various little guides, and offer them to their children to help them assuming themselves! These antisexist self-defense guides are available for free in pdf format on the website of Maman, rodarde !.

Images © Maman, rodarde !

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