Improbable Weapons – The most unusual weapons of the history of cinema

2015-08-19 // unusual videos

After the video Meet The Villain, honoring the greatest villains of cinema, here is Improbable Weapons, a montage gathering the most unusual and strange weapons in the history of cinema, from the fork to the fire extinguisher through the ladder, the umbrella or the pen, but also the guitar case, the cargo boat, the gopher, the vinyl record or the carrot… (see the list of movies below)






Ladder – First Strike
Melons – Transporter 2
Umbrella – Kingsman
Afro Picks – Undercover Brother
Ship – Pacific Rim
Shirt – Transporter
Tea Cup – Chronicles of Riddick
Guitar Case – Desperado
Trash Can – First Strike
Ballpoint Pen – The Bourne Identity
Gopher-Chuks – Kung Pow: Enter The Fist
Credit Card – The Glimmer Man
Guitar – Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Record – Shaun of the Dead
Limo Spoiler – Crocodile Dundee
Banjo – Zombieland
Hairspray + Cigar – Live and Let Die
Guitar Case #2 – Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Bowler Hat – Goldfinger
Toothbrush – Oldboy
Calligraphy Brushes – The Magnificent Butcher
Forks – Mystery Men
Carrot – Shoot ‘Em Up
Belt – Pootie Tang
Magazine – The Bourne Supremacy
Chair – Thunderball
Bike Pedals – Transporter
Toilet Cover – Zombieland
Fire Hose – Transporter 2

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