McKamey Manor – Welcome to the most extreme haunted house in America

2015-10-31 // unusual videos

Ready for everything for Halloween? The McKamey Manor is probably the most terrifying, the most creepy and most extreme haunted houses in America. Designed by the American Russ McKamey, this manor provides an unforgettable experience in which participants will be mistreated, humiliated, sequestered, almost tortured, for eight hours straight, while the property owner is filming everything with his camera. A shocking and traumatic experience, with a realism that goes far beyond your worst nightmares… Fortunately able to stop at any moment, none of the participants never reached the end of the survival experience that offers the McKamey Manor. The most surprising thing is that so many people want to participate, with over 27,000 names on the waiting list. I admit I’m having a hard time understanding why people will pay to live this kind of experience. The Guardian leads us inside the McKamey Manor in an intense and disturbing video. Sensitive souls refrain…

– WARNING! – This video contains very graphic scenes –






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