Watching the Titanic sinks in real time

2016-04-19 // unusual videos

Did you think that the movie Titanic was a bit too long? I propose you today to watch the Titanic sinking in real time for more than 2 hours and 40 minutes, in a realistic animation as tragic as slow reproducing as faithfully as possible the facts that took place between the 14 and 15 April 1912. Perfect for those who want to come aboard the Titanic II, the exact replica of the Titanic that will sail in 2018!


titanic-coule-en-temps-reel-1 titanic-coule-en-temps-reel-3 titanic-coule-en-temps-reel-2 titanic-coule-en-temps-reel-4 titanic-coule-en-temps-reel-5 titanic-coule-en-temps-reel-7

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