Will you find the characters hidden in these cute illustrations?

In line with the games Where’s Waldo?, the amusing illustrations of Gergely Dudas, aka Dudolf, offer you to find cute characters hidden among other characters! Will you find the bear among the deer, the panda among the snowmen, or the mug of hot chocolate among the penguins? Not so easy ! These adorable illustrations are published in his book Bear’s Merry Book of Hidden Things.

Spot the SHEEP hiding among the Santas
Spot BEAR among the deer
Spot the EGG amongst the bunnies
Spot the panda amongst the snowmen
Spot the cat amongst these owls
Spot the MUG OF HOT CHOCOLATE among the penguins
Find the four-leaf clover
Spot the GHOST among the skeletons
Spot the easter egg among the tulips
Spot the FISH at the bottom of the ocean
Find the heart among the snails
Images © Dudolfsource

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