The Tokyoiter – Illustrators pay a beautiful tribute to Tokyo

2017-07-27 // illustration japan popular

With The Tokyoiter project, some illustrators pay tribute to Tokyo, creating fake magazine covers in the style of The New Yorker. Created by a collective of British, French and Japanese illustrators, The Tokyoiter project uses the style of The New Yorker covers to offer a soft and poetic vision of the city of Tokyo, and invites many artists to collaborate. I just love it.

© Mateusz Urbanowicz
© Hennie Haworth
© Karan Singh
© Luis Mendo
© Aiko Sogo
© Loic Locatelli
© Clayton McIntosh
© Niikura Sachiyo
© Shindo Keiko
© Alessandro Bioletti
© Rob McMaster
© Graeme Mcnee
© Shinpei Onishi
© Ryoko Ichikawa
© Julien Wulff
© Justine Wong
© Fern Choonet
© Shinji Tsuchimochi
© Yufrukt
Images © The Tokyoitersource

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