My Neighbor Totoro – A sequel exists, and you have little chance to see it!

Did you know that there is a sequel to My Neighbor Totoro, the famous film by Hayao Miyazaki and his Studio Ghibli? Neither do I ! It’s the Twitter user 33kitta who discovered the existence of this sequel entitled Mei and the Kittenbus, a short film of 14 minutes created in 2003!

If you have never heard of it, it is because this sequel to My Neighbor Totoro, written and directed by Miyazaki, only screens in a single cinema, the one in the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo. It is part of the 9 short films that are shown in rotation, and if you want to discover this movie, you will need to be there at the right time! The next screening of Mei and the Kittenbus is apparently scheduled for November, so if you go to Tokyo at this time, go to the Ghibli Museum!

Images © Studio Ghiblisource

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