LoveMyHood – Come explore London and party with Bench x Jess Glynne

2015-09-28 // fashion music

[Sponsor] To celebrate the new collection Jess Glynne x Bench, the British singer invites you to discover her city and to party in London! For the launch of this collection, the #LoveMyHood contest offers you to win a trip to London for two people, with flight, hotel, pocket money for shopping and two tickets for the huge concert of Jess Glynne!

The British singer Jess Glynne has signed a collaboration with the brand Bench to imagine a collection at the crossing of the worlds of fashion and music, a fundamental part of Bench‘s DNA. After having championed emerging artists across music genres from rock to EDM since their inception in 1989, Bench announces this new collaboration with singer Jess Glynne, who leads us through the different neighborhoods of her city in the #LoveMyHood video.

Bench and Trump also collaborated with Jess Glynne for #LoveMyHood to create the documentary The Brit Invasion, which explores how the Electronic Dance Music (EDM), has become the latest phenomenon to hit the American music scene, from the British dubstep to house through the drum and bass. The documentary follows Jess Glynne in her trip to USA to study the British Invasion, looking into the history of music, house, techno or garage, born originally between Chicago and New York, finding out what happened to it in the UK, and how this music is now making a return to its motherland several decades later.






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