Graffiti 3D, motion design and creativity – Interview with Nicolas Ouvrier

After our video UFUNK x Adobe Stock with French photographer Vincent Bourilhon, I propose today to meet Nicolas Ouvrier, aka Spazm, who talks about his experience with the Adobe Stock collections and the new Adobe Dimension software. For this collaboration, he designed an exclusive creation using only photos and 3D objects from Adobe Stock, then assembled thanks to Adobe Dimension.

Nicolas Ouvrier is a graphic designer and motion designer based in Marseille, and soon in Montreal. Coming from the world of music, he imagines powerful and dynamic creations, combining his passion for movement, hand lettering or graffiti. He reveals a little more his universe through this creation, for which he recreated the letters Adobe, using only 3D objects from the Adobe Stock collection.

After selecting images and 3D objects, Spazm discovered Adobe Dimension, the latest software from the Adobe Suite, dedicated to integrating 3D into 2D images, with intelligent management of perspective, textures and lights. A process facilitated today by the Adobe Creative Cloud workflow, which integrates Adobe Stock directly into the various software of the suite, and allows to import and test directly photos and 3D objects in Adobe Dimension, even before acquiring the license.

You’ll find right below a selection of 3D objects used for this creation, and I invite you to explore the many 3D objects of the Adobe Stock collection, but also to discover by yourself the new software Adobe Dimension and its possibilities.

Some objects used for this creation: Open soda can (Francesco Milanese), Earphones, Boxing Gloves, Oil Paints, Alarm Clock Red, Spray Paint Can

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