Surrealism and Creativity – Interview with Vincent Bourilhon

For this first video UFUNK x Adobe Stock, we met the French photographer Vincent Bourilhon, who unveils his dream world and talks about creativity. He imagined for us an exclusive creation, mixing his own photographs with images found on Adobe Stock, integrated directly into the workflow of Adobe Photoshop.

Vincent Bourilhon is a young French photographer currently based in Paris, who since the age of 16 explores his dreams, doubts and fears through fantastic scenes. Through digital retouching, he has succeeded in creating an imaginary universe, very cinematic, on the borderline between dream and reality.

The creation of Vincent Bourilhon

To give life to his surreal images, Vincent Bourilhon integrates new elements directly into his creations, in order to go beyond simple photography. A process facilitated today by the Adobe workflow, which integrates Adobe Stock directly into Photoshop, allowing to test and to place images in your creations, even before acquiring the license. And to discover these images on your own, I invite you to visit the Adobe Stock collections.

The Adobe Stock pictures used by Vincent Bourilhon for his creation (© Leigh Prather, Nik Merkulov, Vitals, Oliver Klimek)

I also propose you to discover the dreamlike universe of photographer Vincent Bourilhon, with a selection of pretty pictures from his portfolio.