The Comedy Wildlife 2017 unveils the hilarious photos of the winners

Here are the winning photos of the Comedy Wildlife 2017, this contest rewarding the most funny and offbeat animal photos! After the finalists announced a few weeks ago, here are the big winners of the world’s most crazy photo contest, selected from thousands of photos. You can also discover the winning photos of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2015 and Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are organized by the Born Free Foundation, which works for the preservation of endangered species.

© Tibor Kerccz
© Douglas Croft
© George Cathcart
© Andrea Zampatti
© Carl Henry
© Troy Mayne
© Penny Palmer
© Jean Jacques Alcalay
© Katy Laveck-Foster
© Daisy Gilardini
© Daniel Trim
© John Threlfall
© Bence Mate
© Olivier Colle
Images © Comedy Wildlife 2017

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