Created equal – Contrasts of Life, Beautiful photography project by Mark Laita

2011-03-04 // Photography Top posts

Created Equal” is an amazing photo project of photographer Mark Laita that focuses on the contrasts between people, the lives and cultures through beautiful portraits in black and white.

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  • Krista Joy Montgomery

    Je suis d’accord. Bravo.

  • Ed Freeman


  • Sarah

    Les motards sont des Hells Angels?

  • Meg McGarry

    You look at an amazing portfolio of beautifully different people and all you can do is see if there are any ASIANS? Seriously? How do YOU know anything about these people?

  • Craig Kitching

    only true to the extent of religious fanaticism.

  • PretenderNx01

    There’s a couple missing heads- they could be anything.

  • Mihai Barbu

    This is the problem dear Gregory! We just don’t grow the fuck up! And yes peoples, not everything is about racial eq. or political correctness…

  • Veronica

    Actually, these great pictures clearly show that, in fact,
    we ARE NOT created equal… Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, good or bad, beautiful or ugly are very personal and subjective concepts… Great work, very thought provoking!

  • Pierre

    Why is the first photo a girl that responds to top-model criteras? Was it intended? The message isn’t obvious to me.
    Great portraits, i especially like the cooks.

  • john mcmullan


  • John Grant


  • the new world

    there was a same sex couple… i think. the teenagers? they both look like girls to me.

  • Juan Walker


  • JaiGuru

    I’m not sure where this hippy dippy concept of equality comes from. We are supposedly equal under the law. Nothing more.

  • Michael Davis

    I was scrolling down the page, thinking, my god, this is so beautiful… we’re all so– wait, like, pimps? That’s.. a weird way to end it? Maybe put the pimps up somewhere in the middle so it can still feel poignant and important when you get to the bottom.

  • June

    Mostly pictures of men…. and the women were very uninspiring. If you’re going to do a contrast of humanity, more than half that population is female…. and most of them are not in their bras for a living. Try and represent them better next time!

  • Brittany Johnson

    By the time I got to the bottom, the people were moving. There is so much motion and life in these photos, I can almost see how they move, how there lips twitch, how his or her hair was just settling, how the model’s weight shifted ever-so-slightly just before the picture was taken. Ah! Beautiful! It makes this piece so much more human. I found myself stereotyping, and comparing the individuals, and that forced me to think about how I categorize people based on their looks and body language. I was even mad at some of the comparisons, and then I realized that I loved all of them, why shouldn’t one be seen next to the other. We are all equals.

  • Brittany Johnson

    Il était beau. Je peux les voir se déplacer. J’étais fâché quand j’ai vu certaines des comparaisons, et alors je me suis rendu compte que j’ai eu ni raison d’être fou. Puisque, nous sommes tous les égaux, il ne devrait y avoir aucune raison d’être fou parce qu’une photo de la personne est à côté des autres.

    Je suis désolé. Je ne peux pas écrire le français.

  • Karen Pickard

    Genial! Vraiment superb. Quel travail! <3

  • Cheryl Snyder Taragin

    This is a great study in contrasts. It’s interesting to note how the lens master views the similarities/differences.

  • Andi Perullo

    Wow, just incredible!

  • Just Saying

    The two hooded KKK figures – shockingly, an Asian Jew and a Irish Muslim. Go figure.

  • jakeN

    polygamie vs pimp

  • MKoncse

    There is an asian man on the 25th picture, and you cannot see the identity of those people, an old man is wearing a a buddhist rosary, how do you know what religious beliefs are represented? If you belive in stereotypes, you can see that, otherwise- only if people tell you, and this project is not about to represent evey fields of life. In that case we would need hundreds or thousands or millions of pictures.

  • peaceandlove1969

    This was only a small snipit of the entire collection. It is a 240 page book so if they included everything on here there wouldn’t be a reason to purchase the book.

  • peaceandlove1969

    This was only a small part of the entire collection. It is a 240 page book so if they included everything on here there wouldn’t be a reason to purchase the book.