Eros Pigalle – Discovering the sulfurous Pigalle district of Paris in the 70s

2015-09-04 // photography

Eros Pigalle is an exhibition about the sulphurous Pigalle district of Paris of the late 70s, documented and narrated by the photographer Gilles Elie Cohen. Professional photographer hired for a pornographic book in 1979, Gilles Elie Cohen then decided to document the famous district of Pigalle, guided by Lolo Pigalle, the oldest stripper of Pigalle who was still going from club to club at that time. Between street photography and reportage, Gilles Elie Cohen leads us to discover the backstage and behind the scenes of this legendary district in the heart of Paris… The opening of Eros Pigalle at the ADDICT Galerie (Paris 3è, from September 8 to 26, 2015) and the signature of the book will be held on Saturday, September 5  with the presence of the photographer and authors.

© Gilles Elie Cohen – EROS (détail), Pigalle 1979 / courtesy ADDICT Galerie
© Gilles Elie Cohen – SOUPLESSE, Pigalle 1979 / courtesy ADDICT Galerie
© Gilles Elie Cohen – FIN DE JOURNEE, Pigalle 1979 / courtesy ADDICT Galerie
© Gilles Elie Cohen – UN VERRE ENTRE AMIS, Pigalle 1979 / courtesy ADDICT Galerie
© Gilles Elie Cohen – SOUTIEN GORGE, Pigalle 1979 / courtesy ADDICT Galerie
© Gilles Elie Cohen – BAROMETRE DE L’AMOUR, Pigalle 1979 / courtesy ADDICT Galerie
© Gilles Elie Cohen – EROS, Pigalle 1979 / courtesy ADDICT Galerie

Images © Gilles Elie Cohen - ADDICT Galerie

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