ImPORTRAITS – When refugees unveil their most valuable possession

2016-08-29 // photography popular

For his personal project entitled ImPORTRAITS, the professional photographer Gabriel Hill has produced a series of portraits of refugees, revealing their most valuable possession. A powerful and moving way of telling their stories through a simple object, be it a picture, a cuddly toy or even a simple piece of paper. I urge you to discover the poignant testimonies of these refugees from Afghanistan, Congo, Bosnia or Iran on the project website.

Sejla, 33 – fled Bosnia in 1992 with a bunny plush
Ahmet, 23 – fled from Eritrea in 2013 with a piece of paper with the number of his family
Farhad, 27 – fled from Afghanistan in 2007 with a picture of his mother
Marie-Therese, 62 – fled from DR Congo in 2008 with nothing
Nazim, 26 – fled from Afghanistan in 2011 with a little book from the police academy
Shireen, 21 – fled from Afghanistan in 2010 with a mobile phone
Suleyman, 18 – fled from Afghanistan in 2014 with a mobile phone
Taghi, 27 – fled from Iran in 2011 with three pictures of his family
Vinasithamby, 64 – fled from Sri Lanka in 1984 with pictures of his family
Yosief, 20 – fled from Eritrea in 2014 with a notebook of phone numbers
Images © Gabriel Hillsource

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