An actress documented her breast cancer with powerful creative photographs

2015-10-19 // photography

The American actress Aniela McGuinness has decided to document her struggle against breast cancer with creative photographs. Having discovered her breast cancer just a few days before a preventive mastectomy, the actress wanted to stage herself during the various stages of her fight to give hope to women with breast cancer. Entitled My Breast Choice, this project seeks to raise awareness with humor on the importance of prevention and screening. I also recommend you to have a look at the project Tattoo and Breast Cancer, beautiful tattoos to help women after mastectomy.


Before surgery and treatment
After mastectomy
During treatment
Aniela McGuinness today
Aniela McGuinness today
Aniela McGuinness today
Images © Aniela McGuinness - My Breast Choice / source

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