20 Twisted and deformed portraits with Scotch

The personal project “Scotch Tape” by photographer Wes Naman, who has fun to literally tape the models with scotch for some  really excellent twisted and deformed portraits. Sometimes a roll of tape is better than Photoshop! To achieve his pictures, Wes Naman asked his models to distort their faces, he then immobilized them by surrounding them with tape. If you do this at home, remember to send me photos!

Wes Naman / via

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  • http://www.facebook.com/tbonhomme Thibaut Bonhomme

    La douleur pour retirer ça des barbes :o

  • warbl0ody

    jim carey dans yes man ^^

  • disqus_y6woNmgPQX

    My taped face.
    j’ai fais avec tu tape de déménagement par contre (tape pour les boìtes)
    Je le déconseille fortement ahahha ça fait mal aux cheveux XD