The disturbing world of the Street Apes in Jakarta

A kind of you“, a disturbing series about the world of street monkeys in the city of Jakarta, created by the Finnish photographer Perttu Saska. Trained and dressed as humans to ask for money to passersby, as is an old Asian tradition, these monkeys have now become real objects, even wearing doll heads to accent mimicry, turning them into real living toys… A cruel phenomenon that leaves a strong sense of unease…




















Images © Perttu Saska / via

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  • Etoile


  • seiyaken

    Et ton commentaire ? il ne l’est pas ? Tu as le droit certes de donner ton avis, mais ce que tu penses et ce que tu dis, je trouve ça justement immonde, scandaleux, minable et aussi gerbant que plutôt ces oeuvres qui ont le but de faire réagir à un fait de société réel.


  • ufunk

    merci !

  • bertango

    Sujet scandaleux, oui!
    Photos superbes et dérangeantes aussi… A la limite du film d’horreur!

  • grigron

    “Je n’ai rien vu de grand dans la vie que la cruauté et la bêtise.”

    Paul Léautaud


    Le poo poo.

  • nifkin

    Sacre bleu!

  • sirald66


  • R-Cynic

    Life…she ees a hairy little beetch… She flings her poo at your soul

  • Bhig Bhad Wolf

    If the stupid tourists would stop giving money to the abusers of these poor creatures, this garbage would stop.

  • Victor

    I feel bad seing this crap !

  • What the Whaaa

    Nah… That’s not creepy at all. That is
    Flipping Disturbing and now I will have nightmares of them! It is sad that
    people dress them up to look like small children, reminds me of something a creepy
    cat lady would do. Trying to make a stand in child they never had, or will
    have. Wtf people!!

  • landofaahs

    DC has the same street ape problem.

  • Jason Mulligan

    How is this anything but animal abuse?

  • marilynsue

    Jakarta has a deep and disturbing history.

  • the_chemist_of_discord

    They say that empty, black eye sockets are windows to the soul.

  • NukeWaste

    Except ours are in Congress and the White House. Ils ne sont ce merde.

  • landofaahs

    non omnes.

  • EricBagai

    Beggars used to cripple or blind their own children to beg more effectively. In India it was a caste as well as a profession. Then we made laws and civilized them, but we didn’t fix the cause of begging.

  • jellyanusobamadavis

    Gay Davis hObama reincarnations of half white socialist nazi homo monkeys

  • pinterbeckett .

    Trained, yet with metal chains around their necks to prevent their escape. It does sound rather familiar in a very disturbing way. How cute!

  • peter griffin

    you sir, are worth less than scum. thanks for clarifying that.

  • Akinyi

    I agree!

  • Carol Eaton

    I’ve been there and saw this abuse of these poor monkeys. It’s part of their culture but still wrong and disturbing on so many levels.

  • Carol Eaton

    There’s always one uneducated ass posting on a page.

  • Osi Leksmono

    a new law have been passed to make this kind of thing soon to be illegal in Indonesia, and the apes will be confiscated and be taken a good care of in the zoo.

  • Raffaella Ciavatta

    You sick exploiter.

  • panthertron

    nightmare fuel.

  • archierouge

    Sorry, seiyaken, but you miss the point: The photographer probably intended to outrage the viewers rather than make her accept this circus as a societal fact. Don’t attack someone who does exactly what the artist intended: react emotionally. Etoile didn’t accuse the artist. You’re the one who’s weird and insulting

  • archierouge

    Tea Baggers always HAVE to draw completely ridiculous douchebag analogies. You just can’t stop them.

  • archierouge

    Fuck off

  • Dan Muench

    Okay, this photographer, these monkeys…Dillinger Escape Plan backing Aphex Twin, Come To Daddy II…Go!

  • arcataberry

    Inhumanity! Let their Masters stuff their own heads into the dolls, and clothes, then infest them with fleas which they can’t scratch!

  • ardentdg

    it probably isnt, but in that country they may not have perspective on that. Looking in on something from the outside is an interesting theng.

  • southy

    Just be glad that many of them are now spending their time online writing garbage rather than out roaming the streets trying to “make a difference”.

  • Chidalu Andrea

    thats just not true. if however people would give real jobs to the poor and otherwise helpless “trainers” of these apes, then we’d be heading somewhere. stop trying to simplify the problem. there’s always more to it.

  • femke den haas
  • femke den haas

    we have been campaigning against this abuse since 2009. this month confiscations has started and the abuse is illegal now in Jakarta… we have many monkeys under our care and the dollheads we burn them !!! may we use your photo’s to show people what happened to the monkeys prior rescue? Surely we have pictures but bad quality, thank you,….femke ;

  • ufunk

    You have to contact the author of the photos. The link to his website is in this article

  • Diane

    … that ever present chain …

  • Dodgy

    Inbred cretin

  • Jeebus

    Nicely posed and set up shots.

  • Carlitos

    No you can’t.

  • Guido Bernsdorff

    I doubt that. Last time I was in Djakarta I visited a family who had their dog on a two meter long chain to the back of the kitchen, 24/24 and 7/7. No stupid tourists around, just the owners, their children and the servants. I have seen such things many, many times when I was living in Indonesia. It’s just their ‘culture’, if that word is appropiate.
    I have seen crippled people exposed on the pavement in Chinese cities, I remember one in Li Chiang (??), who was unable to move with his grossly distorted limbs, lying on his stomach,facing the midday sun without sunshades or glasses, from early morning till late at night. A beggar in K’un Ming (??) showing his face and body, horribly disfigured with post-burn scars, and next to him a man on a stretcher, with a head twice the normal size, obviously blind and paralysed already, continuously moaning, and a bowl next to his feet. Asia, apart from Japan and a few other places, is just like that.

  • snakeguy

    So sad….

  • Melinda Schink

    The doll heads are disturbing, not cute. I’m glad there’s a law now. I hope it works.