Bad ass LEGO Tattoo – Pilot Extra-fine

A awesome ad for ball-pen “Pilot Extra-fine“, with some crazy Bad ass Tattoo on LEGO figurines ! I love it ! Created by Grey agency (Barcelona).

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  • Anna Z

    Oh my gosh. I want legos that have tattoos! That is so neat.

  • pinguino

    Such a great ad! I have used Pilot pen and they rock, but they die quickly…

  • sir jorge

    that is the most incredible thing i’ve seen in a long time

  • wb

    WTF. How is this even possible. Went to go size up a minifig i have… crazy detail on these. Nice.

  • Kiki

    Wow, that’s great.

  • The Mographer

    Great idea! excellent work!

  • Tanke


  • anonimititty

    yeah..sorry guys this is shopped.

  • Anon

    You’re right! They photoshopped in that Pilot pen into the corner of all of these pictures. How dare they!

  • balzuk

    I think that pen ink could not be fixed in that kind of plastic. But is fantastic, photoshopped or not.

  • Orion

    It would be quite idiotic to assume that these pens are actually capable of doing what the ads portray. This is a clear exaggeration.

    Great ad nonetheless. BTW almost everything on the internet is now “shopped”, so I would quit trolling that word around in comments.

  • pieree

    i don’t get it. how do they tattoo each other when they don’t have fingers or thumbs, even!?

  • Aimee

    Wow, just wow that takes some amazing talent, that I, regrettably, will never possess.

  • Valerie

    Why is it that everything anyone posts ever on the web, everyone has to spam it with “SHOPPED” WHO CARES???? Its still awesome and u can appreciate the photoshop talent and time taken to create it even if you can’t accept it for ever being a “REAL” photo! I think there are more real photos than are given credit for, the world is an amazing place and no one knows for certain just what all is possible, so stop whining about it being “shopped” for the love of peace!

  • Mark Morcom

    Thats brilliant :D

  • Shopped

    Don’t pay attention to Valerie comment, is clearly shopped. I’m a professional shopper, and luckily have met quite a few Valeries on my time, and no single one of them was authentic.

  • Kelsey

    Things like this you have to appreciate for concept! Wether it was Photoshopped or hand drawn someone brainstormed and took the time to come up with a creative ad!

  • Nihil Floods

    I’m going to get me some of those pens and some Lego dudes and find out for myself how possible it is

  • ufunk

    Nihil > hahaha ! post here a picture of the result !

  • Lifetime Photoshopper


    Tee hee.

  • Nik

    very nice, good work

  • benz

    “Valerie’s comment is shopped”. hehe. hihi. haha. lol. that’s funny. :D The reason some people find it important to say it is photoshopped, of course, is for the sake of all the ones who think it’s real, not to prove their awesome skills of perception and deduction. (Or maybe there is a bit of that too) ;)

  • ericaaa

    coolest thing ever!

  • Peace Tattoos

    Those look great. Don’t care if it was photoshopped, the message came through. Now off to buy that pen.

  • Real Kmi

    The matter is people don’t really know, if the pics are photoshoped or not. They can think “wtf I want one of these fckg pen! I want this thinest line!” and this would be a lying ad.
    But anyway, it’s a good idea. It would be insane if they worked on real legos.
    If someone know the name of the artist, please share!

  • that guy

    For those of you saying “Great ad” please stop it only insults those who make real ads. (like myself) Concept maybe as an actual functioning ad. No.

  • Andrés Sergheiev

    Great ads, photoshop or not

  • mazel

    That’s AWESOME. how on earth did you get it to not smudge?

  • ????????

    If you are looking at various pictures, this site came to the mists of time. If it encounters a photo to create a unique situation like I did not think this is LEGO No way. Very laugh. Thank you.

  • ????????

    If you are looking at various pictures, this site came to the mists of time. If it encounters a photo to create a unique situation like I did not think this is LEGO No way. Very laugh. Thank you.

  • Mary Calvin

    Haha, hilarious!

  • Cnunn

    Those pens don’t write on plastic (believe me, i’ve tried). Great work none the less!

  • Clipping Path

    incredible work!! lots of thanks for sharing :)

  • Valeera

    because photoshopped pictures are very common nowadays because photoshop is too easy, and people enjoy trolling

  • clippingphoto

    wow!! so lovely creation. Thanks for sharing this outstanding work 

  • LOLS

    Yeah…realy shoped

  • The Design Work

    Thats brilliant.