Awesome of the Day – 34 Original Star Wars Storyboard Illustrations by Ralph Mac Querrie!

Rare illustrations from original storyboards from the Star Wars series, created by the master in the matter, Ralph Mac Querrie! Really beautiful illustrations that are impressive to see when we know how faithfully the Star Wars movies have been produced from these story boards.



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  • Anonymous

    MAGNIFIQUE !! Je partage sur mon blog

  • Anonymous

    MAGNIFIQUE !! Je partage sur mon blog

  • Anonymous

    Ever since I was a child I always knew what star wars was. Now, Star wars has expanded to the game industry and even my nephew knows what it is. The difference is, my nephew is playing in the star wars world through video games. I gotta admit he’s addicted to it and even pushed his parents (my cousins) to buy some toys for him. Talk about addiction right?

  • Greg Rose

    I would hang any one of these over my mantel.

  • Furyofaseraph

    except his name is Ralph McQuarrie not Mac Querrie

  • Johnhyde97

    i have a collection of 20 of these prints that i would sale for 800 a print contact me at 2054854360 i will send a photo of the imiages to you

  • Steve Gravel

    You should learn to make the difference between: Storyboard and Concept Art… just sayin’