Giant Robot Duel – Why the giant robot fights will be a boring sport for douchebags

2017-08-04 // unusual tech videos

Remember the Giant Robot Duel, this giant robot fight launched in 2015 between Japan and the United States? After two years of work, it will finally take place this month! August 2017 will be marked by the birth of a new sport, giant robot fighting. If we know very little about the Japanese robot Kuratas, the US engineers of MegaBots have just unveiled their robot in a demo video: Eagle Prime.

Unfortunately for all those who have grown up with Evangelion, Macross, Gundam or Patlabor, and who imagine epic battles, the reality is quite different. If you remove the explosive action movie montage, the Eagle Prime robot is slow, clumsy and useless, and requires two pilots to do very little. If the Japanese robot Kuratas is on the same level, the Giant Robot Duel will be so lame and boring. We must face the obvious, far from the futuristic sport announced, the duel of giant robots will be only a boring sport for douchebags.

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